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To a lot of people, a Rug is nothing more than a pretty pattern to brighten up the room. A textile representation of some snazzy design. But to see it like that would be missing the point entirely.


A Rug is more than just coloured lines and chequered squares, although it’s easy to see it like that. They are an expression of the human experience. Someone's thoughts and feelings imprinted in the form of something so familiar, you'd almost be fooled into thinking it was only "just a Rug".

We know that a home is your own private sanctuary, and to make it homely, you need something to call it a home. Owning a distinguished rug can really make the difference between a place of zen and a cold floor.

You need a Rug in your life like you need peace of mind, and that's what a true Rug does for you.

In a crazy world, they are a sense of composure and calm that you know for sure, no matter what else, you've got that part of your life figured out, and you can always come back to it.

Our Rug collection is growing, and we are constantly looking to find the best and most interesting Rug's that you will love.

Maddie Belle is not only about Rugs, we are about loving yourself, your life and the place you call home.

We are here to serve you and make your home a happy place!